Chase Slate Balance Transfer: 0% APR and No Fees!


Chase Slate Balance Transfer Offer Is Hard to Beat

Finally, an out-and-out no fee balance transfer offer with no costs whatsoever!

That’s right, for a limited time (well, it’s been a few years now but I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth), the Chase Slate credit card is a 0% APR no fee balance transfer!!

At one time, it was the only such balance transfer offer available from a major credit card issuer, but now has some company thanks to the Barclaycard Ring no fee offer.

Either way, act fast if you have high-APR credit card debt that needs to be transferred because these deals never seem to last.

With this Slate deal, you won’t pay a balance transfer fee, and you can enjoy 0% APR for a lengthy 15 months. Yes, a full year and three months to avoid interest entirely!

After those 15 months are up, the APR will vary between 15.99% to 24.74% depending on your creditworthiness.

Let’s look at an example of the savings with Chase Slate’s No Fee Balance Transfer:

Credit card debt: $4,000 @21.99%
Balance transfer offer: 0% APR for 15 months
Balance transfer fee: $0 (zero)

If you were to do nothing and just leave the debt on your existing credit card, you’d be paying roughly $73 a month and $880 annually in credit card finance charges. Ouch!

Moving it for free to Chase Slate would save you all that money and allow you to actually get out of debt, as those interest charges wouldn’t be piling up on top of the existing debt.

This is why balance transfers are so worthwhile. Not only do they help you save on credit card interest, but they also allow you pay down your debt, which can also improve your credit score!

Gotta Act Fast with Chase Slate Balance Transfers

There is a caveat, although not a terribly negative one. You must transfer your higher-rate credit card balances during the first 60 days from the date your account is opened.

If it’s after the first 60 days, balance transfer requests will be subject to a 5% balance transfer fee with a minimum of $5 charged. So not only do you lose out on the no fee offer, but you’re essentially penalized with an elevated 5% fee.

In other words, existing Chase Slate cardholders who have had the card more than two months can’t take advantage of this exciting no fee balance transfer offer.

So don’t wait…in fact, it’s probably best to transfer the balance at the same time you open the card during the application. Or very shortly after once you know your credit limit.

In any case, once those precious 60 days are up, the higher-than-industry standard 5% balance transfer fee will apply. That is significantly worse than the typical 3% fee most other card issuers charge.

Oh, and last of all, Chase Slate does not come with an annual fee, making it one of the only truly free balance transfer credit cards out there at the moment (at least when it comes to the big issuers).

If this balance transfer offer interests you, act soon before it’s gone!

How to Do a Chase Slate Balance Transfer

It’s really easy, actually. Simply apply for the credit card via Chase’s website as you would any other.

You’ll be asked to enter in all types of personal info such as name, address, employer, salary, etc.

Once you get through all that, you’ll see optional features, including the ability to transfer balances.

Simply enter the credit card number(s) for the balance(s) you’d like to move to Chase Slate and the amount you’d like transferred.

For example, if you want to move $1,000 from an Amex card, enter that credit card number and $1,000 for the amount. If you also have $2,000 with a Citi card that you want transferred, you can enter that too.

Assuming you are approved for the card, those balances will be paid off and your new balance will be $3,000. You’ll then get 15 months to pay it off, interest-free, before it adjusts to the typical purchase APR.

I actually took advantage of this offer several years ago and it worked out great. I was able to pay off my balances in full with time to spare.

Eventually, Chase automatically turned the card into the Chase Freedom card to get me to use it, since I never actually touched it while (or after) paying down the balance.

Chase Slate No Fee Balance Transfer Offer Features


  • $0 intro balance transfer fee (during the first 60 days from account opening)
  • 0% APR for first 15 months on both balance transfers and purchases
  • $0 annual fee
  • No penalty APR if you happen to miss a payment
  • 5% balance transfer fee (min $5) after first 60 days


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  1. Are there any other no fee offers? Is Discover doing their seasonal no fee offer this year? Thanks!

  2. Dan,

    There isn’t a catch, other than the fact that like any other credit card, if you don’t pay off your balance before the 0% APR period ends, you’ll owe interest (finance charges).

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