Capital One Balance Transfer Offers

Capital One offers a number of competitive balance transfer credit cards, including several 0% balance transfer credit cards, which are clearly the most sought after.

However, they certainly aren’t the most aggressive out there, as their offers always seem to come with a balance transfer fee if the APR is north of 0%.

But if you have credit card debt with the other major issuers, they may be a good candidate to take on your debt.

Capital One Balance Transfer Offers:The company is currently offering 0% APR for up to 18 months with a 4% balance transfer fee, which is a pretty competitive offer in today’s climate.

They also offer some no fee balance transfer credit cards, though the APR is typically greater than 0%.

In many cases, it’s either your purchase APR rate, which is probably just below 10%, or around 4-5% APR.

So it’s probably best to go with the 0% APR offers to avoid paying any credit card finance charges.

No other offers currently available.

Capital One Cardholders Can See Balance Transfer Offers Online

If you’re a current Capital One cardholder, it’s easy to see the latest balance transfer offers currently available to you.

Simply log-in to your account online and click on “balance transfers” to see what offers, if any, you can take advantage of.

Capital One also has a pre-qualified credit card finder, which will tell you in 60 seconds if you qualify for any of their credit cards, including balance transfer credit cards.

It doesn’t require a credit pull, so your credit score will not be affected. This is a good way of determining if you’re eligible for a balance transfer, without having to go through the application process, only to find out that you were denied.

Additionally, Capital One frequently sends balance transfer checks to existing customers, which can also be utilized. However, these checks may not come with the best terms, so be sure to comparison shop a bit before taking up one of their offers.

All in all, Capital One has some quality balance transfer offers available to those with good to great credit.

So be sure to check them out when shopping for a balance transfer, especially if you have credit card balances with the other major issuers. One nice advantage is that Capital One may not be in your arsenal of credit cards already, which means you’ll be able to transfer any other balances without having to worry about them being from the same bank.

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